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[SONY S750 Series] S754 Unboxing

[SONY S750 Series] S754 Unboxing
John Sheng : 送的东西还蛮多的
TIEDefender2nd : hmmmm if you see the 3.5 mm jack of the earphone, it has 5 conductors (rings).... which means you can only use this earphone to get the noise cancelling, and no others earphones can work...
Sarthak : I recently destroyed this mp3 player by accidentally putting it through the washer and dryer....

MAKE SURE YOU GET A CASE FOR IT, A BIG CASE!! Otherwise you might leave it behind in your pants.....
WalkmanBlog : I guess the only place would be is to get them replaced by Sony, or buy a new pair from Sony if the warranty is over.
T Newman : @BEEWAX88 much better, the earphone has an isolation up to 98% of the exterior sound and you can set it up yourself...sorry for the english

NW S754

Tejas Sonawane : So this is where Asmr came from
Vilma Galia : Can you help me to change japanese to english language?plsss
kisuna mayan : i have the same problem, can't find those video in youtube at this time

Sony Walkman NWZ-S754

Sony Walkman NWZ-S754
Дмитрий : Отличная модель )) купил себе такую )))
Егор Тихонов : Дмитрий, скажите, пжл, песни на него закачиваются напрямую? Без всяких драйверов?
Донатер в Стиме : Жаль сейчас такие плееры не выпускают
Илья Водорезов : Walkman перестали выпускать :(
Егор Тихонов : Суть в том, не надоест ли его путать в карманах с мобильным телефоном... идешь такой по улице, а все карманы в каких-то гаджетах..




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