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[케이비원] EFCO 엔진톱 제품설명

EFCO 엔진톱 제품설명

영등포공고에서 엔진톱 수리 성지 인천 하일공구에 갔습니다. efco 141s 방문 수리기

EFCO Rotago - Ball Valve Lapping Machine up to 300 mm

• Simultaneous lapping of all sealing parts
• Huge time savings compared to the manual lapping process
• Ensure an exact fit of ball and sealing seats
• Control speed of each drive continuously and independently
• Integrated metering device for steady distribution of lapping mixture
• Loading of large lapping workpieces from above
• Adjustable stroke of sealing seat movement
• Continuously adjustable pressure control to regulate
contact between valve seats and ball
• Drip container for used lapping mixture
• Door equipped with protection switch
• Timer with automatic shutoff
• Ergonomically adjustable control panel


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