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Psc 2100/BlockStars Ent From Stl

Psc 2100/BlockStars Ent From Stl

Hp PSC 2100 Series

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2Pac The Don Killuminati | Full Album | | HQ |


00:00 Bomb First
04:54 Hail Mary
0:04 Toss It Up
00:15:10 To Live and Die In L.A.
00:19:43 Blasphemy
00:24:21 Life of an Outlaw
00:29:17 Just Like Daddy
00:34:24 Krazy
00:39:41 White Man'z World
00:45:19 Me and My Girlfriend
00:50:27 Hold Ya Head
00:54:26 Against All Odds


#2PacShakur #TheDonKilluminatiThe7DayTheoryAlbum
pizza : This is Tupacs best work I couldn't count how many times I have listened to it throughout my life, it has accompanied me at the best and worst times. Tupac was a hugely empathic individual his words and voice touch me like none other. Its funny the older I get the more I listen to Tupac as a younger man than me and I now get a bit mad at him for being stupid and made to leave us early, he had so much more to give, he's a god imo✌
q the 6th man : this album is insane. I think it deserves so much more dissection.
Eric Lane : One of Pac's many classic albums. An album that requires no skipping and delivers a cohesive cogent, and conscious message....and the beat are hella dope too!
G K : This is one of the sickest albums of all time
Rafael N.C : legendary album.




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